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All About Pumas

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Puma and People


Pumas hardly ever attack people. However sometimes people hike in forests or mountains where pumas live. If a person bothers or frightens a puma, that person is in danger to be attacked. Attacks can also happen when people build their houses on pumas territories. The pumas do not move away. In this situation when people and pumas live so close to each other, they can sometimes get in each others y. A hungry puma can hunt dogs or cats that live nearby. Pumas live very secret lives. They usually stay hidden when people are close by. This makes it very hard to see pumas in the wild. For most of us, a zoo is the only place where we can see pumas. Some people have considered pumas to be pests and shoot them, trap them, or poison them. It is important to remember that pumas have an essential role to play in the wildlife. They are one of the top predators, and without them population of deer and other animals would become unhealthy and too large. We must learn that all animals need wild places where they can live free and safe.


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