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All About Pumas

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Growing Up


As I mentioned before, after born puma kittens have large spots on their fur, and their tails have dark rings. The spots and rings begin to disappear when the kittens are six months old. By the time the kitten is one year old, the spots and rings are gone. Mother pumas always protect and guard their babies except when it is time to hunt. Before hunting, mother hides her kittens in a safe place. The kittens stay very still and quiet until she returns. When the kittens reach 6 weeks old, they start to hunt with their mom. Puma kittens watch their mom very closely as she hunts. They learn witch animals are good to good to eat and how to catch them. The mom also teaches the babies how to stay safe. They leave the mom when they get to be one and a half years old.

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